Greek Revival

Tate’s interest in marrying varied Classical styles finds full expression in this 9,000 s.f. house in Oxford, Mississippi. Inspired by a Federal house in Natchez, but executed in the Greek Revival style favored in Oxford, this residence offers a restrained, slightly feminine rendition of this exuberant Southern style. While delicate Ionic capitals lend the front porch a delicacy more in keeping with Federal design, heavy stucco-over-brick columns with Doric capitals create pure Greek Revival facades for two rear outbuildings. The interior expresses Tate’s interest in creating fictional back-stories to imbue new houses with the character of old dwellings. Implying that the house was once a one-room deep Federal dwelling with a rear porch, the study and dining room open through tall double-hung windows into a long living room resembling an enclosed porch.