Italian Revival

Combining classical elements inspired by the architecture of Andrea Palladio with those recalling the romantic character of the Mediterranean Revival, this 12,800-square-foot (1189-square-meter) house pays homage to and enhances the extraordinary streetscape of New Orleans’ Saint Charles Avenue. Inspired by Palladio’s Basilica in Vicenza, the facade features a single-story portico with a cut-stone arcade and a balustrade terrace above. Offset by the overall simplicity of the facade, the portico’s effect is dramatic without overshadowing the surrounding architecture. Located on a corner, the house has a secondary facade with picturesque Mediterranean Revival features, including iron gates, a second-story pergola, and a tower. Accommodating the clients’ art collection, Ken Tate’s interior plan combines smooth plaster walls and simple casings with adorned ceilings, including groin and barrel vaults, beams, and paneling. The house has been awarded the 2019 Pinnacle Stone Award and the 2019 Addison Mizner Award for best single family residence over 10,000 square feet.

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